Mounted Posse

Cache County Sheriff's Mounted Posse

The Cache County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse, CCMP, is a riding club that represents the Cache County Sheriff’s Office. The members of the Mounted Posse love horses and the outdoors and have a desire to serve the community. The CCMP has been an active organization in Cache County since at least 1960. CCMP can have up to 25 active members.

CCMP active members range in age from mid-’20s to approaching retirement age consisting of men, women, and married couples. While most of the members live in Cache County, The CCMP allows members to live outside of Cache County. The Mounted Posse is a volunteer organization. Although, some of the equipment and uniforms are provided by the Posse through club fundraisers. Each member is required to have a horse that is broke to ride, the necessary tack, and transportation for themselves and their horse to get to various functions. All of the member’s time and most of their expense is voluntary and comes from their personal funds.

CCMP members are required to attend monthly membership meetings, monthly training classes, all fundraiser activities, and scheduled group rides. The CCMP represent the Sheriff's Office, in several parades during the summer. Members staff the Posse Burger at the Cache County Fair. The CCMP also participates in the Utah Western Riding Club Association.

CCMP has been called on by the Sheriff's Office to assist Search and Rescue for lost or injured people when extra resources are needed. Mounted Posse members donate their time and funds raised during the year to pay back the community of Cache County.


Prospective members should contact the Posse President for applications or questions. Members must be 21 years of age, of good moral character, have a valid driver’s license, and will need to pass a detailed background investigation for the Cache County Sheriff’s Office.