An important part of a criminal investigation is the evidence obtained from a crime scene. The deputy handling the scene must protect, preserve, and collect the evidence and then place it into a secure facility. The Cache County Sheriff's Office operates its evidence room with an evidence custodian.

It is her responsibility to see that the integrity of the evidence is preserved and is available for the deputy when needed. Evidence which is the personal property of another that is required for a court case may be returned to the owner after the following criteria are met:


  • The case(s) for which the evidence is being used has been adjudicated (normally 30 days).
  • All direct appeals and retrials are final.
  • The owner of the property may legally possess it (questionable items may be drugs, firearms, any illegal items).
  • The prosecuting attorney is satisfied the property is no longer needed.
  • Proof of ownership and of lawfulness of the possession is satisfactory to the evidence custodian and/or deputy.


Evidence Room

Found property is also stored in the evidence room. Unclaimed personal property includes personal property which comes into possession of a Deputy Sheriff or the Cache County Sheriff's Office and which remains unclaimed by any person identifying him/herself as the owner. The property custodian disposes of all unclaimed property after a minimum of ninety days of its receipt. A person who has found property and has surrendered it to the Cache County Sheriff's Office may have first opportunity to claim the property. An advertisement will be placed in an attempt to locate the lawful owner. If the owner is not located within ninety days of the advertisement, the person who surrendered the property has first claim to the property. A $10.00 per month storage fee may be charged on the property if stored at the Sheriff's Office or actual costs may be charged if stored at a commercial storage facility.