Scam Alert

Scam Alert

Today I received a phone call at my Office with my son in the room. I answered the phone “Sheriff Jensen,” and the caller told me my son (who is in the room with me) was in jail in Texas and needed bail money. I kindly asked to speak to a supervisor, and not so kindly explained they called the Sheriffs Office and was speaking with the Sheriff. His response was this “ “good for you, do you want your kid out of jail or not” he needs bail and your going to pay. The conversation went downhill from there, and I hung up on him.

I bring this up again as these phone scams are alive and aggressive in our Valley. Not an hour after my call, my mom received the same call as did another deputy’s family member.

Please, please never give out personal info, financial info or ever pay money over the phone.

I can promise you our office will NEVER call you on the phone and demand payment or accept payment over the phone. The best tactic to use is simply hang up. If needed, please call us for any questions.

You can report these calls online with the FBI by going to their web page Department of Justice. In the links pick report a crime. Computer internet crime or fraud. The hope is that the more reports given, and more info to identify the individual or company may lead to a criminal case.

Please don’t let these predators ruin your summer or your bank account. Stay safe and let us help you.

Sheriff Jensen.