2017 Law Enforcement Memorial Banquet Awards

At our 2017 Law Enforcement Memorial Banquet, these awards were given and we wanted to recognize those who received awards for their dedication and acts of service:

Life Saving Ribbon Award

Lifesaving Ribbon: Deputies Senicca Holt and Josh Barsuhn initiated CPR on an unresponsive person until EMS arrived and transported the patient to the hospital.

Citizen Lifesaving Aware

Citizen Lifesaving Award: Former Sheriff Sid Groll recognized a tractor upside down in a pond and called 911. Sid entered the pond and helped hold the individual's head above water until the responders arrived. 

Outstanding Achievement

Outstanding Achievement Award: Deputy Daniel Hulse lead the jail gang unit to be a proactive asset to the Sheriff’s Office and has provided exceptional training to many law enforcement and corrections officers.

S.T.A.R. Deputy Award

S.T.A.R. Deputy Award: Deputies Robert Bergsjo and Brad Nelson have both taken steps beyond their normal assignments to be proactive and cooperative with Richmond City Council, the mayor, and by interacting with the community.


Citizen Award of Appreciation

Citizen Award of Appreciation: Spencer and Beryl Dattage have dedicated 416 days as religious volunteers in the jail. They bring quality instruction and advice that positively influences many lives. Their level of dedication and never missing a night has brought smiles to many people.

Unit Citation

Jail Unit Citation: The entire Jail Division has experienced many changes due to a large number of projects that have been implemented. Changes on this magnitude often can create challenges. The staff in the Jail Division have taken on these challenges and have used teamwork, ingenuity, and dedication to overcome them.

Lifesaving Ribbon: Deputy Tyler Moake was dispatched to a medical call and did an exceptional job of assessing the individual’s needs.  He noticed that the individual was not breathing regularly, and started rescue breathing while waiting for medical staff to arrive.

Citizen Award of Appreciation: Brad Call and L. Ned Fredrickson, Hyrum City employees, noticed suspicious behavior and were able to provide crucial information that helped with the apprehension of the two individuals that robbed the Subway restaurant in Hyrum.