Within the Support Services Division is the Investigations/ Detective Division. The detective unit consists of one sergeant and several detectives. When a crime occurs, a patrol deputy responds, takes the initial report, and follows the report to a conclusion if he or she can. If the case needs additional follow-up, it can be referred to a detective. We have detectives assigned to work “crimes against persons" such as assaults, robbery, child abuse, and sexual abuse. We also have detectives working "property crimes," which includes thefts, burglaries, and fraud.

Each of these detectives is highly trained in his or her field and has been through hundreds of hours of training in areas such as child abuse, death scene investigation, and various other forensic subjects.

One detective is assigned to the Cache/Rich drug task force. His responsibility is to work with other officers investigating narcotics violations in the Cache and Rich counties. The task force investigates a variety of illegal drug offenses, such as drug possession and distribution, prescription drug offenses, and methamphetamine labs.