Complaints Against Employees

The Cache County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing the best service possible to the citizens of Cache County. Unfortunately, there may be situations In which individuals feel that actions taken by an employee were inappropriate. In such situations, the individual(s) involved may want to file a complaint with the Office.


Who can file a complaint?

Any person who feels they have information regarding inappropriate conduct on the part of an Office employee may file a complaint.


Do I have to give my name?

The Office will accept anonymous complaints. These are, however, difficult to investigate effectively unless the Office Is provided with sufficient information to identify a specific incident or course of conduct. In addition we will not be able to give you feedback unless we have your contact information.


How do I submit a complaint?

Complaints can be filed in person, by phone (434-755-1000, ask for the division commander), in writing or our website (click here to submit complaint on our website).



Professional Standards Sergeant
Cache County Sheriff's Office 
1225 W. Valley View, Suite 200
Logan, UT 84321


Who will I need to talk to?

If you come into the Office or contact us by phone, you will be directed to an Office supervisor. If you submit your complaint in writing or our website, you will be contacted by an Office supervisor.


Why do I need to talk to a supervisor?

You will be contacted by a supervisor so that the Office has the information it needs to effectively investigate your complaints, to explain how the Investigation process works, and to answer any questions you might have.


What will I be asked to do?

The person assigned to investigate your complaint will want to interview you to make sure they have all of the necessary information and you will be asked to provide a written statement.


Who investigates complaints?

All complaints are forwarded to the appropriate division commander. Depending upon the nature of the complaint, the division commander will either conduct the investigation personally or assign it to an Office supervisor.


How long does the investigation take?

Office policy requires that once begun, investigations are completed within 30 business days. Under certain circumstances (for example, a witness is unavailable), the time period may be extended.


How will I know what happens?

The supervisor or administrator investigation your complaint will contact you at the conclusion of the investigation. If the Investigation takes more than two or three weeks, you will be periodically updated on the status of your complaint. You will also be provided with contact information for the investigator assigned to your complaint.


What will happen to the employee?

Employees who are found to have violated Office policy or state law may be disciplined, demoted. suspended, or terminated depending upon the severity of the violation.


What do I do if I need more Information that is contained here?

Just call the main phone number for the Office 435-755-1000 and ask for the Professional Standards sergeant. If the sergeant is unavailable, just ask to speak to an available supervisor.