Arrest and Booking: Terms of Use

 This website is provided as part of an ongoing effort by Cache County Sheriff's Office to make government records available to the public. These records are entered as accurately and timely as possible, however, please remember:

  • The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only. The contents of this page should not be considered suitable for use on any legal documents, or as an adequate source for any news reports.
  • This unofficial roster is not updated more often than six times per hour. Often it is updated less frequently.
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  • This page should not be considered an official record. Official records are kept by the Cache County Sheriff's Office. If this website does not agree with the official records in any way, the official record should be considered accurate.
  • For more information concerning the official record, please contact the Cache County Sheriff's Office. All access requests will be handled in accordance with the Utah Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA).
  • You affirm that the booking photograph will not be placed in a publication or posted to a website that requires the payment of a fee or other consideration in order to remove or delete the booking photograph from the publication or website. (See Utah Code 17-22-30.)
  • Your use of this webpage, or any printed works derived from this webpage will be considered your agreement to these "Terms of Use".