Common Questions and Who Do I Call?


If you live within a city boundary:

Seek information and assistance from your own city Administration (look up your city in the phone book), and then work with your city administrators.

If you live within the unincorporated area:

Access the information on the county website and if you need further assistance, you can contact the Cache County Emergency Management:  435-755-1059 or 435-994-9595

Flooding Potential, River Levels, Snow Pack, and Preparation Information:

Visit our: Flood Preparation page

Homes in the flood plain or flood insurance:

If you live in a city, confer with your respective city administration.  If you live in the unincorporated area you can call the Cache County Floodplain Manager – (435-755-1630) to obtain flood plain information.  If you want to know about purchasing flood insurance, you can contact your local insurance agent or see the website on the internet that talks about flood insurance.

Road Closures:

You can go to the Cache County Development Services website and look at the map of road closures.  There are marked locations, pictures and videos of trouble spots.

Where to purchase sump pumps, sand bags, and sand:

You can go to Lowes, Home Depot, or some of the other home improvement stores here in the valley.  If you want to purchase sand, you can go to one of the many landscaping businesses in the valley.

If you have questions about the availability of sandbags in an emergency within your respective cities or need information on sandbagging:

Contact your city Administrative offices or your city Public Works Departments.  If you live in the unincorporated areas of the county, you can go to the Cache County Sheriff Office where there are piles of sand and sandbags available. 

If you need help with sandbagging around your home:

You can organize groups from your neighborhood or work through your local homeowner’s association. You can work with your respective city public works department.  You can also talk with someone who is on your local CERT team in your neighborhood.  If it is a non-life threatening emergency, you can download the Army Corp of Engineer sandbagging guide.   

How to volunteer and help fill sandbags:

Let your local homeowner’s association in their neighborhood know, or contact a member of your local CERT team in your neighborhood or city,  You can also contact 211 and put your name on an availability list, then when opportunities happen you can also be called out to help.

Questions regarding trees behind your home that are in the river or have fallen into the river:

Within your respective city, consult with your city public works department or if you are in the unincorporated area of the county, you can consult with the County Floodplain manager or the Cache County Emergency Manager

Questions regarding mold or cleaning up of ground water and mold in your homes following flooding:

You can seek information from the Bear River Health department at 435-792-6570 for information and safety tips, or you can contact one of the restoration companies here in the valley. 

For all other questions not otherwise specified here in regards to flooding in Cache County, you can call the Cache County Emergency Manager – 435-755-1059.