Emergency Preparedness

In the event of a disaster, are you and your family ready?  Do you have the items necessary to provide for yourselves without any outside help?  Do you have a family emergency plan?  Being prepared isn’t a large job but it is a very important one.  After watching several national disasters unfold in the media in recent years, it should be easy for us to realize that we need to be prepared.

The foundation of emergency preparedness is self-sufficiency.  If each of us takes the responsibility of preparing ourselves and our families for a disaster, it will significantly increase our community’s ability to survive and recover from the incident.  Your family should have and be familiar with a family emergency plan.  Prepare a disaster supply (72 hour) kit and educate your family on what you are going to do and where you are going to meet in the event of a disaster.  Conducting practice drills will insure that all family members are comfortable with implementing your family emergency plan.

 Emergency Preparedness


In order for emergency responders to work effectively, they must first know that their families are safe.  In an effort to prepare employees for natural or man-made disasters, the Sheriff’s Office has developed the Cache County Sheriff's Office Family Emergency Guide.  This guide was originally developed for Sheriff’s Office employees; however, we felt that because of its value it should be made available to the public.  The guide has instruction on how to prepare a family emergency plan, build a 72 hour kit, and prepare a financial contingency plan.  Other issues addressed in the guide include the local Emergency Alert System radio station (610 AM), shelter-in-place procedure, and evacuation information.  The guide also outlines ways to prepare for several possible disaster situations that may occur in our valley.


Cache County Sheriff's Office Family Emergency Guide


Below are links to several other very educational emergency preparedness websites:



Additional emergency preparedness information and reference material can be obtained by contacting the Cache County Sheriff's Office Emergency Management Coordinator at 755-1000. Email our Emergency Management Coordinator.