Animal Control

In the summer of 2006, the Cache County Sheriff’s Office contracted with Providence City for animal control services. Millville and Nibley soon followed. Since then, Newton, Clarkston, Richmond, River Heights, Trenton, Paradise, and unincorporated county have also joined with the Sheriff’s Office for animal control services.

 Animal Control deputies are trained in and are a part of emergency management planning that ranges from the rescue and housing of displaced animals in a disaster to protecting Cache County's agricultural industry against terrorist threats that could compromise the nation's food supply. They also work for disease control, using guidelines and laws set by the state and local health departments, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, and the Center for Disease Control. Animal Control deputies also have a broad knowledge of search and seizure laws and exemptions that protect the rights of agriculture and service animals.  

 For non-emergency animal problems, contact Dispatch at 435-753-7555

Impound Locations:

Cache Humane Society: Mendon, Millville, Nibley, Providence, River Heights, Paradise 

North Cache Vet Clinic: Unincorporated County, Lewiston, Richmond

Blacksmith Fork Vet Clinic: Hyrum, Wellsville

No contract, please contact the Mayor's Office: Amalga, Clarkston, Cornish, Newton, Trenton

What does Cache County Animal control do?

Our goal is to help ensure the people and animals of Cache County are happy and healthy. Our services include:

à Using microchip reader technology to get animals back home

à Impounding lost or stray animals

à Enforcing rabies and city license registration

à Ensuring the roadways are clear of animal hazards

à Stopping animal cruelty and abuse

à Educating the citizens of Cache County on animal control city ordinances 


Domestic Animals

Domestic animals include dogs, cats, and any other animal kept as a pet. We recover lost pets, ensure bite victims are safe from rabies and enforce the city and county ordinances related to these animals.

Cats are only included as it relates to a bite or lost pet report. We do not impound cats, but there are options for citizens interested in the Trap-Neuter-Return program for feral cats.

The Cache Humane Society is our partner in the Trap-Neuter-Return program.

Cache Humane Society

2730 W 200 N

Logan, UT 84321



Veterinary bills

Cache County Sheriff’s Office will NOT pay for any veterinary medical treatment an animal may require. Every owner is required to assume responsibility for their animal’s welfare. 


Current rabies tags, city license tags, and microchips are valuable tools to help Animal Control reunite you with your dog. If the owner of a found dog cannot be located, the dog will be taken to an impound facility, where the dog will stay safe and receive quality care while away from home.

Contact your local government office to license your pet. Rabies vaccination is required before registration. 

Enforcing other issues

Please notify a law enforcement officer to report criminal activity involving bestiality, animal fighting, abuse of a service animal, or theft of animals.

If you have questions about restitution from a bite, or zoning laws concerning livestock, contact your local government office for city or county ordinance information. 


Livestock includes horses, cows, and any other animals related to animal agriculture. We enforce city and county ordinances related to these animals and help contain livestock when they escape their enclosures. We do not impound stray livestock. Instead, we work with local brand inspectors to identify owners and notify them of stray livestock. 


Wildlife includes all animals that reside in nature. We offer traps for citizens to capture wildlife that is harassing or killing domestic or livestock animals. We also euthanize most wildlife that is injured or diseased beyond recovery. We do not respond to wildlife home or barn pest control. Please notify your local pest control agency for help with these issues.

We work cooperatively with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). Please contact DWR for all questions regarding non-domestic or livestock animals.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Northern Region

515 E 5300 S

Ogden, UT 84405

(801) 476-2740 

Cache Humane Society


2730 W 200 N, Logan, UT 84321

Impound location for Millville, Providence, River Heights, Clarkston, Newton, Nibley, Paradise, Trenton, Unincorporated County

North Cache Vet Clinic


191 W 100 N, Richmond, UT 84333

Impound location for Richmond, Lewiston