Civil Unit

The Civil Unit of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the service of civil and some criminal process papers. Enforcement and management of civil law cases is unique to Sheriffs Offices and is a major responsibility as well as a major liability of the Sheriff.


The Civil Unit provides timely service of all process brought to the Sheriff's Office as well as executing court orders relative to civil litigation. Criminal process, including bench warrants, summons, and orders are served by this unit. Additionally, this unit takes possession of property pursuant to court orders, conducts Sheriff Sales, and generally serves as the enforcement arm for the civil courts. It is notable that the average civil paper brought to this office will be processed and returned, on the average, within two days of arrival--a record of efficiency matched by no other agency of our size in the state.


Note: Cache County Sheriff's Office does not accept personal checks. For payment we do accept cash and credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover). When using a credit/debit card, an additional fee for processing the charge will apply. The credit/debit card fee is $1.50 for charges up to $60 and 2.5% for charges over $60.