Within the sheriff's office, there are five executive administrators that consist of the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, and three Lieutenants. The Office of Sheriff is the only law enforcement entity that has an elected official as its head instead of an appointed official as its head executive. The office comes up for re-election every four years. 

The Chief Deputy is a political appointment made by the sheriff. The Sheriff can appoint anyone within or outside the office, even a civilian. The Chief Deputy is second in command of the agency when the Sheriff is unavailable. 

Currently, we have one Lieutenant who commands the Support Services Division, one who commands the Criminal Division and one Lieutenant commands of the Jail Division

Sheriff Chad Jensen

Sheriff Chad Jensen

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Sheriff Chad Jensen was hired as a deputy sheriff in April 1992 by Sheriff Sidney Groll. He began his career as a deputy assigned to the Jail Division and was later assigned to the Criminal Division as a patrol deputy. Prior to his promotion to Sergeant in 1998, Sheriff Jensen also worked as a detective in Investigations assigned to property crimes and crimes against persons. He also worked as an agent with the Cache-Rich Drug Task Force. As a sergeant, he was a patrol shift supervisor in the Criminal Division and later assigned as the sergeant over Investigations. 

Sheriff Jensen was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2004 and was assigned as the Criminal Division Commander. The Criminal Division includes Investigations, Patrol, School Resources, Gang Unit, Bike Patrol, Motors, and other law enforcement functions. While leading the Criminal Division, he worked directly with 13 contract cities and towns, the US Forest Service, Cache County School District, and Cache Valley Transit District. He has also been the division commander of the Support Services Division which includes Civil, Court Security, IT, Search and Rescue, and Mounted Posse. Two years prior to taking office, he was assigned as the jail commander. 

Sheriff Jensen was one of the original SWAT Team members and later became the SWAT commander, spending 20 years of service with the team. Sheriff Jensen has worked, supervised and commanded in every division of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office. 

Sheriff Jensen was sworn in as the twentieth Sheriff of Cache County on January 5, 2015.

Chief Deputy Matt Bilodeau

Chief Deputy Matt Bilodeau

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Chief Deputy Matt Bilodeau started his career at the Cache County Sheriff’s Office in February 1987 as the Jail Deputy under Sheriff Sid Groll. After a short time, he was transferred to Patrol where he worked for nine years. During that time he also worked in Investigations, Internal Investigations, taught Operation Lifesaver, D.A.R.E., and was the first School Resource deputy in the south end of the valley. 

Bilodeau then transferred back to the Jail Division in 1996 where he worked for the next six years. During that time he was promoted to Sergeant. He started the FTO program and the SERT team and helped with security at the 2002 Olympic Games. Bilodeau was then asked to head up the transition team and assist in the building of the Cache County Sheriff’s Complex. He was promoted to Lieutenant in May 2004 and served in the Support Services Division until 2011. In 2010, Lieutenant Bilodeau graduated from the F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Sheriff Jensen selected Bilodeau to serve as his Chief Deputy. 

Lieutenant Peck

Lieutenant Doyle Peck

Support Services Division

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Lieutenant Peck came to work for the Cache County Sheriff’s Office in 1997 and has served his entire Law Enforcement career here. He worked his way up through the ranks as a patrol and corrections deputy. He served as Detective in investigations for a number of years. After being promoted to sergeant he supervised in the jail and in the support services division as training sergeant. Since being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in December of 2009 he has served as a jail commander and Admin/Support Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Bartschi

Lieutenant Mikelshan Bartschi

Criminal Division

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Lieutenant Bartschi has been full-time with the Sheriff's Office since 2000.  In 1997, he was a reserve deputy where he volunteered his time until he was hired as a patrol deputy in 2000.  In end 2003, he was offered a chance to move to investigations where we worked narcotics for a total of 3 years and general investigations for 3 years.  He promoted to Sergeant in 2010 where he had the opportunity to learn about corrections.  He spent 4 years as a Sergeant in our corrections division and was then moved back to patrol as a Sergeant.  He has been our SWAT team commander and served a total of 10 years in various capacities in the SWAT team.  In early 2018, he was promoted to lieutenant of the Patrol Division.  Lieutenant Bartschi is a lifelong resident of Cache County.  He has felt the calling to serve ever since he joined the Marine Corp Reserve out of high school.


Lieutenant Hall

Lieutenant Roy Hall

Jail Division

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Deputy Hall began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in 2003 at the age of 22.  He worked at the Sheriff’s Office to pay for his university education, attending classes during the day and working graveyard shifts through the night.  After he graduated from university with degrees in political science and history, he intended continuing onto law school but enjoyed his time at the Sheriff’s Office, so he decided to stay and continue his career there.  In 2007, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant, and in 2018, to the rank of lieutenant serving as Jail Commander, where he is currently assigned. He also serves as the Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard Commander, having a deep and profound respect for all those who wear the badge, both past, and present.